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The True North Strong and Free

Posted June 30th, 2009

This blog manager is out of here. Really, pretty far out of here. I’m headed to celebrate 4th of July in Canada, in the middle of nowhere, without electric or phone service. I’m just that crazy. Also, tomorrow is Canada Day, which means only one thing where I’m headed – Molson on the pontoon boats!

But there’s a good series of features and video posts lined up in the coming days, and Josh McIlvain, our capable Information Manager, will take good care of you.

And if you’re nice, I may bring you back some maple liqueur. Disgusting, you say? Pfft. You won’t after I mix you a Great Northern – one-third vodka, one-third milk, one-third maple liqueur. It’s like pancakes, but a drink. After we run out of milk, it’s time for the Greater Northern – half vodka, half maple liqueur. And then we sleep.

See you next week!

–Nicholas Gilewicz