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Koresh Takes Manhattan

Posted July 7th, 2009

This Wednesday and Thursday (July 8 and 9) Philly’s Koresh Dance Company ( performs Theater of Public Secrets at Dance Theater Workshop (219 West 19th Street) in New York City. The dance company is one of the few in Philadelphia that has dancers on long term contracts and it shows in the dancers’ athleticism, finesse, and ability to capture the distinct movements of choreographer Roni Koresh. Theater is a full evening work that left audiences ecstatic when it was performed at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre in Philadelphia in 2008. Alternating between the heartbreakingly beautiful to the conspiratorially whimsical to rousing moments of elation, the show reveals the lives of people at home, amongst their most private possessions and relationships, putting their “secrets” on public display.

Online tickets for Theater of Public Secrets are only $15 (buy them here). Tickets can also be purchased at the door.
–Josh McIlvain
Photo: Mark Henniger, Imagic
Dancers: Melissa Rector and Jae Hoon Lim