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The Weekender: What You’re Doing and Why

Posted July 10th, 2009

Tonight: Vox V. Curators Ryan Trecartin and Larry Mangel guarantee awesomeness from these young emerging art bucks. Well, they didn’t offer me, personally, a guarantee. But their reputation precedes them, and Vox Populi shows are always solid and usually a party. Tonight, 6:00 to 11:00 pm, 319 N. 11th Street, free! (And Saturday, head west and hit up the Philadelphia Record Fair, sponsored by Vox Pop, over at ICA.)

All weekend: The Nikola Tesla Inventors Club has dinner at Balkan Express (which has delicious foodstuffs, by the way) and celebrations, exhibitions, and demonstrations about the legacy of Tesla. Did you know that the genesis of the monologue Monopoly! from Mike Daisey (How Theater Failed America, The Last Cargo Cult) lies in the Tesla-Edison war over electricity? AC/DC throwdown! Tesla also has a star turn in Mike’s Great Men of Genius. Various locations and prices, visit the website for details.

All weekend: In case you missed it being splashed everywhere, QFest is all over town starting, um, yesterday (oops). But you still have ten days to enjoy the largest queer film festival on the East Coast.

–Nicholas Gilewicz