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Posted July 23rd, 2009

>>>Our freaking awesome virtual program guide is now available on our website. You know how a lot of those virtual print publications are crappy? Ours isn’t! If you can’t wait to flip through your print copy, you can browse through all the shows right now.

>>>Speaking of us, David Cote of Time Out New York is offering nine ways to fix New York theater. Number 4? Make Fringe NYC to look more like, well, Philly. From Cote: “We’ve knocked the [NYC] Fringe for being trivial and craptastic, but it’s not funny anymore: time for FringeNYC to grow up and curate a quality international festival at the center of its amateur orgy. Best example: the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival.” In case you’re concerned, the Philly Fringe side of the Festival is anything but trivial and craptastic. Check out the great Fringe stories we’ve reported so far. Or look at our freaking awesome virtual program guide!

>>>At Drama Queen, Wendy Rosenfeld digs into the ongoing online performance that, for now, is FATEBOOK.

>>>Whoa, check this out: Did you know that Deutschlandradio Kultur reported on the kate watson-wallace/anonymous bodies fundraiser and how Philadelphia artists and organizations are working to deal with the difficult financial landscape right now? Quotes Kate, our own Nick Stuccio, and Philadanco’s Joan Myers Brown in a brief and interesting look at issues facing the performance scene here. Or at least as far as I can tell. My German is only OK, and all of the online translators spit out copy like they have aphasia.

>>>Hey writers: the deadline for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts individual artist fellowships is August 3. Categories this year include “scriptworks,” which is for playwrights and screenwriters. This is money for just being awesome, so go over to their site and set up your CueRate stuff and get your act together. Then visit the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance website to learn how to save arts and culture funding in Pennsylvania, which, in case you didn’t know, is about to be zeroed out of the budget. In which case, no grants for you. So get cracking!

–Nicholas Gilewicz