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Roundup: New App, News, Insights and a Farewell

Posted July 28th, 2009

>>>Sad: Merce Cunningham is dead at 90. Massive and loving obit from The New York Times.

>>>We got a new Facebook application that lets you tell your friends what you’re seeing at the Festival, invite them to join you, and, of course, offers a convenient link back to buy tix. Viral market Live Arts and Fringe now, please.

>>>FATEBOOK is getting some press traction. On top of the Drama Queen piece from last week, Peter Crimmins (who taught me some ProTools tips last fall hi Peter!) reports on the show for Philadlephia NPR member station WHYY.

>>>Nice review for Chunky Move‘s Disagreeable Object from The Australian.

>>>Dean Wareham has a great piece about scoring Andy Warhol’s films for 13 Most Beautiful . . . Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests over at BOMB‘s website.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo by Matt Saunders