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Posted August 3rd, 2009

Our printed Festival guides just came in! To your left, our marketing director Robin Barnes uses one to conceal her identity. If you just can’t wait for the print edition, check out the virtual guide here, it’s pretty cool.

After the jump, pics of their arrival at the Festival Hub on North 5th Street. 30,000 guides is a lotta guides, and they’ll be hitting the streets this week.

Josh McIlvain, who managed the production of the guides, coordinates their arrival with Jack Bauer.

The dramatically lit arrival:

“How many? This many.”

No really, this many:

Robin watches Nick Stuccio inspect the goods.

We didn’t actually pose for this picture, but boy howdy it sure looks like it:

You’ll start seeing the guides all over town pretty soon. And if you’re on our mailing list, you might already have one in hand. The box office won’t open until August 24, but you can shop for tickets online now. Details and special deals here.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photos by Mara Miller.