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Fringe Poems: INSOMNaeria by T Lawrence-Simon

Posted August 5th, 2009

T Lawrence-Simon’s 50-minute aerial physical performance with Jackie Zaliewski, INSOMNaeria, will be featured at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts in Germantown during Philly Fringe. He sends in this haiku:

up and down exhaustion high
and to fall asleep

T’s got a limerick too, although he apologizes in advance, saying, “It’s hard to rhyme with aeria.”

Some performers who do INSOMNaeria
will perform such high feats it will scare-ya
we do the trapeze
with the greatest of ease
but this ain’t your momma’s state fair-ya

Actually, I totally like that “state fair-ya” rhyme! Do you have a limerick or haiku about your Fringe show? Send it my way – nicholas[at]pafringe[dot]com.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo by Matt Lawrence.