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The Weekender: What You’re Doing and Why

Posted August 7th, 2009

>>>Tonight: Maybe you’re going to First Friday? Hey, so are we! That giant stack of Festival Guides isn’t going to distribute itself, so pick one of them up from our trusty volunteers and staff members who will be on most every corner. Trust me, you can’t miss them, because they’ll be in our sweet new 2009 Live Arts and Fringe T-shirts!

>>>Also tonight: If you’re stuck in Doylestown, and can’t come walk the streets with us, hit the preview of the 9 muses, Music & Motion Dance‘s project for Philly Fringe. 7:00 pm, at the Michener Art Museum.

>>>Saturday: Party over here! FATEBOOK party, free beer, and characters to play with, as reported yesterday. Come meet those boys and girls you’ve been Facebook stalking at 8:00 pm. 919 N. 5th Street.

>>>Sunday: It’s not NFL preseason yet? Lame. And it’s gonna be hot out, too. I suggest a matinee, during which you can contemplate whether the beautiful people who caught your eye at the FATEBOOK party were real real people or fake real people.

–Nicholas Gilewicz