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Awesome Things I Get to Do Today

Posted September 4th, 2009

Your trusty blog manager is going to see a heroic number of performances at this Festival. As part of our Festival TwitterFest, I’ll be tweeting about what I’m seeing and doing all weekend, and the next two weeks, with the hashtag #LiveArtsFringe (and you should too for a chance to win a pair of free tickets to a Live Arts Festival Show). Follow me @GilewiczReview, follow the Festival @LiveArtsFringe, and find links to and bios for other folks tweeting about the Festival here.

So, where I’ll be tonight:

>>>The Gonzales Cantata, 7:00 pm at The Rotunda. Have you seen the sick press Melissa Dunphy’s been getting for this Philly Fringe show? Fox News (!) ran an item about the “choral” (ahem; story starts about 1:25 in) and Rachel Maddow was all over this show last night.

>>>STORE, 9:00 pm in the former/abandoned Rite Aid, 4237 Walnut Street. I saw a preview of this piece this spring and was absolutely entranced. I’m psyched to see the finished product.

>>>Super Heroes Who Are Super!, 10:30 pm at Plays & Players. I’m not totally sure I can get from West Philly to Rittenhouse in 30 minutes or fewer, but I’m gonna try, because I want to geek out at this staged reading of comic books.

>>>FESTIVAL BAR! Because of the previously stated need to cultivate my inner comics nerd, I can’t make it until midnight. But I did get a head start preview last night. The place looks dope, and if you’ve been in the past, you know the opening night party is always super hot. Tonight: Buttercream cupcake truck dispenses free cupcakes, the bar dispenses drinks (not free), the photo booth dispenses free memories (which might be useful after the number of drinks you’ll drink), we’ve got live video projections, and Lee Jones of the legendary Sundae parties on the decks! Why would you be anywhere else? 10 pm to 2 am, southwest corner of N. 5th St. and Fairmount. Word.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo by Nicholas Gilewicz