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Last Night at the Bar, Today at the Fesival

Posted September 5th, 2009

Festival Bar last night was freaking packed. I didn’t make it (or even try to, actually) inside the Red Bull party bus, which was shockingly crowded. But cupcakes were doled out, and the beer flowed like beer. I said hi to the Festival staff, Madison Cario, Brett Mapp; ran into Megan Mazarick, saw Les Rivera and Mimi Lien across the room, chatted with Richard (but somehow not Anna) Watson, saw a bunch of Pig Iron people post-show, and congratulated Kate Watson-Wallace on the opening of STORE (storm of clothes=pure beauty), and many more folks. I’ll be back tonight!

But before I fill my gut with three-dollar cans of Sly Fox, here’s the docket for today:

>>>2:00 pm: Urban Scuba, Gershman Y pool. This show is, I think, the only thing that’s been done in that space for about a decade.

>>>4:00 pm: Up to Kensington for TIDE at the ICE BOX. For some behind-the-scenes stuff, check out our rehearsal report from earlier in the summer.

>>>6:30 pm: Nuda Veritas at the venue with the second-longest theater name in town: The Walnut Street Theatre Independence Studio on 3 (can you guess the first? I’m seeing Mike Daisey at it tomorrow). See below for an interview with director Natalie Diener.

>>>8:30 pm: To the Eastern State Penitentiary for Rusted Gates Volume 1: Leopard’s Mouth.

>>>10:00 pm: Festival Bar! VJ Marge cuts up the videos; Dave Tat makes you shake it; artists talk about how they totally need to do a project together; we drink and dance ’til 2:00 am then stumble home to wait for tomorrow.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo by Steve Belkowitz