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Last Night at the Bar, Today at the Festival: Day 3

Posted September 6th, 2009

Wow, did you see my last little rundown? I spelled Festival “Fesival” – maybe I had one to many at Festival Bar opening night? Jeez.

Anyway, last night, made it to the bar a little after midnight, after much shuffling around town. Dave Tat kept cutting in The Who and Guns ‘N’ Roses, making me laugh. Finally met Spencer Silverthorne, who’s been contributing to this blog. You might think we all know each other already, but man, this digital age. Also saw Dustin Hurt, who runs Bowerbird, and with whom I used to do programs in another life. His composer friend in from out of town was talking up a major actor and two brilliant set and costume designers about a collaboration. Looks like they’re interested, but no names so no jinxes. But Dustin, if they’re in, let me know first, ‘kay?

So, today’s lineup for me:

>>>3:00 pm: Mike Daisey’s How Theater Failed America, Suzanne Roberts Theatre, 480 S. Broad St.

>>>5:00 pm: EgoPo’s Company at The Studio at Filmtech, 2019 S. Juninper St. I’m going to be blindfolded on my back for an hour. Whoa look at that—sold out! Good for them. I got tix in hand, so I’m good, but you might need to go another time.

>>>7:00 pm: Kill me then, Kill Me Now. Arts Bank, 601 S. Broad St.

>>>8:00 pm: Dinner break.

>>>10:00 pm: Inside Julia Child, Philly Kitchen Share, 1514 South St. Again, I hear there will be snacks. Double whoa – all performances are sold out! Two thumbs up for advance orders, which saved my day!

Run run run run run, take a drag or two. Run run run run run, to the Avenue. I’m a busy bee. Stay caught up with me on Twitter, @GilewiczReview.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo by Alan Kolc.