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Meet TwitterFest Winner #3: Jay Frazier

Posted September 12th, 2009

So we were culling the tweets about the Festival this week, and came upon this tweet from @RiversAreDamp:

Chlamydia dell’Arte – Fairly juvenile, but fairly entertaining, too. That’s more vagina than I’ve considered in a lifetime. #liveartsfringe

How’s that for a quickie review of sex ed burlesque? We liked it. Congrats to Chlamydia (not something I thought I’d ever write . . .), and congrats to Jay Frazier, our third TwitterFest winner!

“I’m a 40-something attorney (yawn!), who’s always looking for something ‘different’ to do. (‘Different’ means it doesn’t involve the Bankruptcy Code or Treasury regs, I guess.) Throughout the year, I see a lot of live music, film, and baseball games. But when it’s time for my [Festival]-going, I’m usually drawn to theater and dance. I’ve already seen seven shows, and they’ve given me a lot to think about. I’m still pretty much reeling from [Thursday’s] performance of Witold Gombrowicz’s Operetta. That show is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen anywhere . . . ever.

“Twitter is a great way to get and provide word of mouth about shows from the people who are actually seeing them. (Use that #LiveArtsFringe hashtag!) Even if it’s something as banal as advice about where to sit, it’s good information. I like to tweet mini-reviews about shows, and my tweet about Chlamydia dell’Arte was in that vein. The show made me laugh, and I wanted to convey a little bit of that.”

Jay, pictured at right trying to absorb his experience of Operetta, is using his free pair of tickets to see more. on Monday night. (For more on more., read Lisa Kraus’s report here, and our own Q&As with the Headlong co-directors Amy Smith, Andrew Simonet, and David Brick.)

And if you want a pair of free tickets, all you have to do for a chance to win is use the hashtag #LiveArtsFringe in your tweets about the Festival. And you can search by the tag to see what people have been talking about so far. This week is your last chance!

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo courtesy of Jay Frazier.