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How’s your memory?

Posted March 4th, 2010

Smelling roses while you sleep improves your memory.

While tofu has shown to decrease memory in the elderly, tempeh consumption can help memory function.

Anne Hathaway was 8 years older and 3 months pregnant when she and Shakespeare got hitched.

The full title of “Romeo and Juliet” is actually “The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.”

Goldfish have a memory-span of at least three months

If someone gave you a quiz right now, what are you the chances you’d know the actual story of Romeo and Juliet, most of the details, or, at the very least, who was the Montague and who was the Capulet? Or would you beg for at least a few minutes of time with Wikipedia and/or a trip to the local bookstore to hurriedly read the back cover before you had to take this quiz? Would you worry that you were suffering acute memory loss, or consider starting to do crossword puzzles to improve your memory?

Nature Theater of Oklahoma takes the momentary panic/embarrassment/general cluelessness you are feeling as you think about this quiz and make it an entire, hilarious production. A Philadelphia premiere, Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Romeo and Juliet is a conglomeration of the fleeting fragments of memories and conversations of the details that comprise and orbit the epic, often-referenced, tragic love story.

Taking the stage at this year’s Festival. Don’t forget.