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Drink Beer with Live Arts and Philly Fringe Artists

Posted June 2nd, 2010

It’s that time of the year again, Philly Beer Week! We talked to past and present Live Arts and Philly Fringe artists about their favorite local brews and bars, plus what they’re up to this summer (besides boozing).

Bonnie Quick
Favorite local beer: Philadelphia Brewing Company’s Joe Porter
Favorite place to drink: “My friend’s roof in South Philly. Gotta climb through a tiny window
onto the roof next door than scale a wall, but has the most unobstructed amazing views of the city.”
What’s on tap: Wawapalooza 4: Damaged Goods for the Philly Fringe.

Justin Jain of The Berserker Residents
Favorite local beer: Kenzinger
Favorite place to drink: “We love drinking at the parties we throw. The one in the picture is from our annual Halloween party, Halloweensplosion! At that party we had a keg of Kenzinger. We basically love to drink wherever the three of us are present. But mostly at our parties.”
What’s on tap: This is their first year not doing Fringe after three straight years, including last year’s The Annihilation Point. Why? They’re working on their first two commissions (!!!), one at Christmas with Theatre Horizon (working title The Don Rutherford Christmas Carol) and the other in 2011 at New York City’s Ars Nova (working title The Game Show). Look for workshop performances of these shows during the Fringe.

Want to know what happens when you get drunk and contact improvise in a fully furnished living room? Click more.

Terry Brennan of Tribe of Fools
Favorite local beer: Victory Hercules Double IPA
Favorite place to drink: South Philly Tap Room
What’s on tap: To get Philly properly spooked for their upcoming adaptation of Dracula, Tribe of Fools are showing classic horror movies all summer for what they’re calling their “Summer of Terror.” If you missed their Memorial Day showing of Nosferatu (because what Memorial Day would be complete without the undead?), check out The Excorcist on Sunday, June 27th, In The Mouth of Madness on Sunday, July 25th, and Jacob’s Ladder on Sunday, August 29th, all on the 6th floor at 319 N 11th St. For info, call 215-284-1178. Admission is free and so is the beer and snacks!

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

“I don’t drink, furthermore I think beer is disgusting.”

Ellie Goudie-Averill & Rain Ross
Favorite local beer: Rain’s choice is Fleur de Lehigh (she loves lemongrass), and Ellie prefers Rowhouse Red.
Favorite place to drink: “We regularly meet at Atlantis, The Lost Bar to discuss show related information and drink our favorite beer from the Philadelphia Brewing Company.”
What’s on tap: The two are collaborating to create Absence/Presence, a dance show for the Fringe at the Chi MAC center on Sept. 3rd and 4th.

Amy Smith of Headlong Dance Theater

Favorite local beer: Walt Whit by Philadelphia Brewing Company.

Favorite place to drink: “I like the Festival Bar when it’s open, and mostly go to South Philly places: L’Etage (when Miss Martha is on), Cantina, Pub on Passyunk, etc. Sometimes I go to my 90’s haunt Doobies for old times sake. But usually I have a drink on my front porch like rural homebody that I am!”
Request for a drunken pic: “Um, no.”

Meg Foley
Favorite local beer: Philly Brewing Company’s Fleur De Lehigh
Favorite place to drink: “Somewhere outside, in the shade, and without mosquitoes. Preferably involving a hammock. So in Phila, er, um…. a park, people watching maybe.”
What’s on tap: Foley has an upcoming show as part of Studio Series at Studio 34 on June 26th.
About photo: “This is what happens when you contact
improvise while drunk in a fully furnished living room.”

Shavon Norris
Favorite local beer: “Sorry, I don’t drink. I can send you some awesome pictures of me drinking tea or juice or something.”
What’s on tap: See Shavon’s new dance the body in lines in 8 (eight choreographers / eight new works) at the Live Arts Festival.

Kate Watson-Wallace
Favorite local beer: “I actually hate beer. I drink red
wine or the occasional cider–or in this weather, margaritas.”
Favorite place to drink: “I like to combine drinking and dancing, mostly at Kung Fu Necktie on Thursdays and at The Barbary on nights where there are people over the age of 23.”
What’s on tap: Think you got moves? Enter Watson-Wallace’s dance contest and submit a video of you or someone else dancing your ‘azz’ off for her project Everywhere.

Jesse Paulsen
Favorite local beer: Fleur de Lehigh by PBC
Favorite place to drink: Dirty Frank’s.
What’s on tap: Paulsen’s hosting a “barn-stompin’ fundraiser” on June 26th for the collaborative creation How to Solve a Bear with Scott Sheppard, Jack Meaney, Ali King, Alex Cohen and Matt Decker. The Philly Fringe show is “a dark comedy about the imaginary Watchupee State Park in Groundswell, Montana and a very peculiar and unruly bear named Shiva.”

David Fishkin
Favorite local beer:Yards Saison
Favorite place to drink: Penn Treaty Park, “Not that I’ve actually drunk there, but I’ve been meaning to do so.”
What’s on tap: Fishkin will play the Trocadero
Balcony on June 16th with David Fishkin’s Above Average Band and at the Highwire Gallery on June 27th with EXTREME FISHKIN, “a horn-driven band which puts the ‘azz’ in ‘jazz’.”

–Ellen Freeman, Nicholas Gilewicz, and Josh McIlvain

Photos courtesy of the artists.