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Flashpoint Theatre Wants Your Money, But Only $20!

Posted June 4th, 2010

Flashpoint Theatre Company‘s fundraiser is Saturday night. We thought we’d catch up with Brett Mapp, Flashpoint board member, to find out how people (like you!) can get involved in Philly arts.

As the community relations manager at Whole Foods Market on South Street, Brett supported many organizations with donations, led Whole Foods to be one of the first advertisers in GRID, and has since moved on to be the director of operations for the Old City District. He’s also the founder of PhillyMAPP, a micro-grants organization designed to support individuals and organizations who can leverage a small amount of money into progressive change for their neighborhoods.

First, why should we give Flashpoint our hard-earned twenty bucks?
Open Bar! Free food! Plus, we have a new artistic and managing director [whom you can meet] and ticket prices do not come close to covering the cost of theater companies’ expenses.

Nice! Give me six Schlitzes! How did you get involved with Flashpoint?
At my old job at Whole Foods Market, I was asked to donate some food. I went to a few of their shows and became friends with them.

For how long have you been a board member?
Four years, going on five.

What does being a board member entail?
The number one job is trying to raise money for the company, and to create awareness of the company.

How do theaters find board members, and if somebody wanted to get involved on that level with a theater, what should they do?
Most board members come from fellow board members: “Hey I know this person who would love our company,” et cetera.

You’re quite the man-about-Philly-arts. Who are some of the other organizations with whom you’ve worked, and where do you think Philadelphians who want to get involved should start? (Besides volunteering with us, that is!)
Mural Arts, Theater Alliance, The Brothers Network, Dance USA/Philly, Nichole Canuso Dance Company. The first step is to usher. You get to see the show for free and it’s the easiest way to help out a company.

Tell me about PhillyMAPP and your plans for the organization.
We give money to people with a purpose. We give out grants of $1,000 or less to individuals or organizations that seek to positively change their neighborhoods. The long term is 100 grants a year spread throughout the city.

The Cabaret of Delights: Flashpoint’s Gala 2010 will be held on Saturday, June 5, 8:00 pm. Second Stage at the Adrienne Theatre, 2030 Sansom Street. $20 ticket includes beer, wine, food, a 9:30 pm cabaret show, and a post-show dance party.

–Nicholas Gilewicz