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Beer Week Stragglers, Or, Beer Makes You Slow

Posted June 9th, 2010

But it’s so tasty! Here’s some favorite-beer reportage from two more Philly Fringe artists, who straggled in after we posted our rundown of drinking, places to drink, and drunky photos last week.

Jesse Kimball, Rookie Card Improv
Favorite local beer: Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
Favorite place to drink: Memphis Taproom. The members of Rookie Card are also partial to the Pabst specials at the Raven Lounge, which hosts our monthly show.
What’s on tap: Rookie Card has two upcoming shows at the Raven Lounge, with CUBED on June 28 and with Leo Callahan on July 26. Both at 9:00 pm, and both are free. This fall, they’re at Philly Fringe, performing Rookie Card: Too Big For Our Britches.

Brie Hines, director of The Jane Goodall Experience

Favorite beer: The cast (above, left to right: Lindsay Anderson holding Flint, Marcel Williams Foster as Jane Goodall, and director/performer Britney “Brie” Hines)
likes Victory Golden Monkey. Jane especially loves downing a cold one with her favorite cast member, Flint.
Favoite place to drink: The Arts Parlor patio.
What’s on tap: The Jane Goodall Experience will be
presented in the 2010 Philadelphia Fringe Festival at the Adrienne Second
Stage, September 15-18th, at 8:00 pm. You can check out a preview on July 26th at Broad Street Ministries as part of the new “Last Mondays” series presented by Hybridge Arts Collective.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photos courtesy of the artists.