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The Weekender: What You’re Doing and Why

Posted June 11th, 2010

>>>Greg Bowers as Ginger Moloko gets all saucy up in Arts Bank as part of Festivale! The 2010 Philadelphia GLBT Arts Festival. Stay tuned for an interview with Greg about drag and identity, coming up later this morning. Ginger goes on at 10:00 pm, but Greg says you should get there early and check out The Women, featuring an all-drag cast, at 8:00.

>>>Art for the Cash Poor. The 11th (!) annual event from InLiquid, prices stay under $200 (steep for impoverished bloggers, but not for you!), and it’s a nice day for a print, isn’t it?
>>>Across town, check out the Art + Soul Food festival, 25th and Girard and westwards. Cornbread‘ll be there, yo! No word on whether he’s gonna get up on your private jet, though. Also featuring the Megawords Issue 13 release party. If you don’t already know Megawords, you should, because it’s nice.

>>>It’s summer festival season, and Odunde will bring out infinite people to fill the blocks from 21st and South Streets around the corner and down Grays Ferry Avenue.
>>>Forecast: 90 degrees and scattered thunderstorms? After Odunde, retire to the sweet womb of air conditioning with some crisp beers. Thanks, weekend!

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Artwork by Justin Myer Staller.