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Congrats to David Brick and Maiko Matsushima!

Posted June 18th, 2010

David Brick (of Headlong Dance Theater) and Maiko Matsushima (who designed the set for last year’s more and the costumes for both more and Welcome to Yuba City, and is doing the costumes and sets for both TAKES and CHICKEN this fall) got married on June 5!

And check it out—a big story on their nuptials will be published in the “Weddings and Celebrations” section of The New York Times on Sunday:

“He proposed last summer in a cabin in North Carolina, and they were married June 5 at Camp Choconut in Friendsville, Pa. They rented the summer camp so they could afford to invite everyone on their wish list.

“At the start of the ceremony, about 200 guests clasped hands, and in silence they descended a hill toward a lake on which Ms. Matsushima and Mr. Brick, in separate boats, came gliding toward the shore.”

Awwww, congratulations from all of us at the Live Arts and Fringe Festival!

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons. Cute photos of the couple available with the Times article.