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The Weekender: What You’re Doing and Why

Posted June 24th, 2010

It’s like a magical preview weekend of awesomeness. Let’s ride:

>>>Friday: Free preview of FREEDOM CLUB (yes, the title is yelling at you), the co-production from New Paradise Laboratories and the Riot Group that will premiere at the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival this fall. Find out what state it’s in at Mandell Theater on Drexel University’s campus at the corner of 33rd and Chestnut, 8:00 pm. Free! Did I say that already? It’s free. Because without freedom, you can’t be free.

>>>Friday: More new work! The Spark Showcase at Plays & Players features excerpts from new plays produced by Secret Room Theatre, Represented Theatre Company (who also produces the very worthwhile Rep Radio podcast), Plays & Players, Madhouse Theater Company, and a collab of Luna Theater and Philadelphia Dramatists Center. Go support new work with your $20, if you’re not coming to FREEDOM CLUB. 7:00 pm.

>>>Saturday: Send good birthday wishes to Lucinda Childs! She turns 70.

>>>Saturday: Fourth Wall Arts resurrects the turn-of-the-century cultural gatherings of Toulouse-Lautrec and Satchmo with their monthly salons. Saturday at 7pm, their “refuge from the scramble and cynicism of professional life” at the RUBA Club will include tap dancing by Alexandria “Brinae Ali” Bradley, a magic show by Ran’D Shine, LRC’s breakdancing, and a “topical presentation” by economist David Abrams. I’d go just to see how they’ll squeeze it all into two hours. Plus, there’s an afterparty! Tickets at

>>>Saturday: Christ Church is activated! On the heels of Wednesday’s fundraiser for Theatre Exile, Saturday brings us the Summer Session Soiree from Pig Iron. Students have been studying with them for the past three weeks, learning the wonky and wacky ways of physical theater from our own local innovators. It’s free! But you gotta RSVP. 7:00 pm at Christ Church.

>>>Saturday: How many times do we have to tell you about Groundswell Player’s Dance No More Afternoon Social??

>>>Sunday: Road trip! I’m headed (Nick G., that is, Ellen’s stuck managing the blog, haha!) to central Ontario where there is no electricity and where the dump is haunted by very lively black bears who at this point have just moved on in. They’re cute while they’re grooming, less so when they’re trying to snatch your trash out of your hands. The guy who staffs the dump always laughs at me. You, on the other hand, are getting on a Megabus or something and going to New York, because it’s time for the Bang on a Can Marathon! Noon to midnight at the World Financial Center Winter Garden, featuring more people than I can name, so just look at the schedule. Hey, Vernon Reid! Also Kryzgyz jaw harpists. Word. If you miss it, don’t worry too much—you can catch Bang on a Can Marathon: Philadelphia at Live Arts this fall.

–Ellen Freeman & Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo by Ken Thomas, via Wikimedia Commons.