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Make-Your-Own Cankerblossom Comic Books Are Here! (How To Get Yours)

Posted June 30th, 2010

Did you ever wish you could re-draw the Peanuts cartoon so that Charlie Brown finally kicked the football? Were you ever tempted to pencil in a thought-bubble above the Mona Lisa’s head and fill in what she’s really thinking? Well cartoonist and puppeteer Beth Nixon’s new Make-Your-Own Cankerblossom Comic Book isn’t Mona Lisa, but it’s way more fun.

Pig Iron Theatre Company has teamed up with Beth to create their new show Cankerblossom. To kindle your imagination until the show premieres at the Live Arts Festival, they’ve created a do-it-yourself comic book complete with whimsical drawings to color in and empty speech bubbles so that you can invent the action.

Click more to see some of the coolest drawings from the new book and to find out how to get one:

I know what you’re thinking—”I want one!” Live Arts staff will be giving them out at events around town like WXPN’s XPoNential Music Festival, July 16–18. Come out and show your love for Live Arts and you can take one home for hours of creative entertainment that’s more productive than defacing the pictures in your high school textbooks of happy students studying together.

Send photos of how you color in your Make-Your-Own Cankerblossom Comic Book to and we’ll put ’em on the blog, like this one by our editorial assistant (a.k.a. Josh’s minion), Mara:

–Ellen Freeman

Photos by Ellen Freeman