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Barry Rowell’s Festival Picks

Posted July 26th, 2010

New York playwright/director/actor Barry Rowell has blogged about past Philadelphia Live Arts Festivals on his blog A Strange Interlude. Sadly, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to make it to the Fest & Fringe this year, but he’s still selected his top picks for the first weekend (Sept. 3rd – 5th) because, he says “this year’s festival looks especially good.” We agree. And a guy can dream right?

Check out his list to see what Live Arts and Fringe shows he’s got his heart set on (Cankerblossom, FREEDOM CLUB), what shows he’s intrigued by (TAKES, AFOOT!:Northern Liberties) and what conflicting shows he’d need a time-turner to be able to see all in one weekend.

–Ellen Freeman

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.