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Philly Fringe TV: Leah Stein Dance Company’s Izu House

Posted July 29th, 2010

Leah Stein Dance Company‘s piece for the 2010 Philly Fringe, Japan House/Philadelphia, began as a collaboration between artists living and working in a 200-year-old traditional Japanese house on the Izu peninsula of Japan. This clip of that performance gives you an idea of their traditional-meets-contemporary work:

Their Fringe performance will be in an even older Japanese house—OK, so the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Fairmount Park is only a replica of an authentic 17th century Shoin-style house, but can you really tell the difference?

Japan House/Philadelphia runs from Sept. 9th – 11th at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden,
4301 Lansdowne Drive.

–Ellen Freeman