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Philly Fringe Haiku: Hello from the Children of Planet Earth

Posted August 5th, 2010

Remember that limerick about space travel? Well Tim Chawaga of AGGROCRAG wishes to make a retraction—they DO have a haiku about their show for the 2010 Philly Fringe, Hello from the Children of Planet Earth, and it goes something like this:

Space: Final frontier.
Love: Fun sometimes, sucks most times.
Space meets love? Find out.

Actually, it goes exactly like that.

Hello from the Children of Planet Earth runs from Sept. 3rd – 18th at Art Underground at the Wolf Building, 430 North 12th Street.

Why does AGGROCRAG get TWO Fringe poems? Because not enough of you Fringe artists are submitting them! Get your poems, vital stats, favorite recipes, baby pictures, whatever over here and we’ll put ’em on the blog.

–Ellen Freeman