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R&D And Me (Well, More Like You, I’m Just A Blogger): Inky on LAB

Posted August 31st, 2010

Big lovely feature on, well, us in the Inquirer today, focusing on not just the Festivals but also on the Live Arts Brewery project. Howie Shapiro writes:

“With major grants, an expanded new space in Northern Liberties, and a determined leader, the festival is tackling research and development – a concept generally associated with new drugs and new cars, but not new works of art.

“It has developed a program called LAB – the Live Arts Brewery – that pays a handful of theater artists, dancers, and musicians (at this point all local) to create work. It gives them the space to do it, the equipment to do it right, small audiences to react as it evolves, and the oversight of a major-festival producer to guide it to polished completion.”

Yay! We likey. Please go read the story now. Then come back here for more stories from the fringe.

–Nicholas Gilewicz