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Posted September 4th, 2010

After yesterday, I was like, oh, maybe I won’t have to do a press roundup for the Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe today. I was mistaken. Good for us!

>>>SHAMELESS PLUG: Lindsay Harris-Friel gives her recommendations via Phawker, including Festival editor emeritus Josh McIlvain’s Boat Hole, where his “15 funniest short comedies are all together in one sleazy, edgy and outrageous package.” Good for him, because boy, when we tried to cover his show for our blog, everything went off the rails. We’ll let you know what happened in next week’s series, “Misquoted.”

>>>We’re luxe, baby! Haute Living, which “uses a controlled distribution model that places the magazine directly in the hands of our country’s most powerful individuals,” got us covered, yo. Trey and Muffy gon’ be up in this jawn! I think I saw that bol at the Head of the Charles last year.

>>>On the critical tip, Contemporary Performance lays out its Live Arts Festival highlights.

>>>The South Philly Review gives an excellent in-depth look at two Philly Fringe shows: Tribe of Fools’s Dracula and the Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium’s The Madwoman of Chaillot.

>>>Shaun Brady serves up some picks in the Daily News.

>>>Troy Graham writes an Inquirer feature on Flash!, a show that looks at the so-called “flash mobs” that happened in Philly, and lets the voices of teenagers be heard. A good counterpoint to some of the panicked stories about the phenomenon that, well, ignored teenagers.

>>>The Press of Atlantic City covers Rita Lynn Lyman and her Philly Fringe show Potential is not Reality.

>>>Hey New Yorkers, the Times says you should come here for a dance fix this weekend. Do so.

>>>Monica Weymouth gives us a nod in the Metro.

>>>The Courier-Post offers up a big feature on the Festivals, focusing on the contributions from our neighbors across the Delaware River.

>>>Phillyist weighs in with their picks for both Live Arts and Philly Fringe.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo illustration of persona non grata Josh McIlvain by Nicholas Gilewicz.