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Late-stage Press

Posted September 14th, 2010

Late-stage? Maybe not really. There’s still a full third of the Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe to go! A WXPN listener writes in to let us know that we’re still getting the love:

“Michaela Mijoun (I am pretty sure it was her, at least) gave Live Arts a big shout out, saying something like ‘The Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe is still in full swing,’ and then went on to praise Dance, calling it in so many words a moving experience.”

True enough. I saw Lucinda Childs’s Dance on Sunday, and it definitely ranks among the top artistic experiences of my life. And I’m a total culture slut, so you know I get around. Here’s some more guidance from the critical world as we get deeper into our final week:

>>>South Philly Review: Gives props, natch, to the Real Housewives of South Philly, part of the growing comedy contingent of Philly Fringe. Whoa, sold out run! Hurray for them! Too bad for you. Unless you have tickets! But I bet with a sales record like that, you might see the housewives again in the future. They also speak to Thaddeus Phillips, whose ¬°El Conquistador! ended a successful run at Live Arts to rave reviews.

>>>Inquirer: Well, the Bang on a Can Marathon is over, but here’s what you missed: “The fact that so many odd elements co-existed says a lot about the marathon’s up-for-anything nature. . . . Would such connections be revealed in any other context? That’s one reason the marathon was one of the festival’s most important events.” Thanks, David Patrick Stearns! He also loved This Art Burning, which opened—and closed—this past weekend.

>>>Inquirer: All-around love for four Fringe shows, with especially high praise from Toby Zinman for Theatre Exile’s Iron and from Howard Shapiro for Judith/Dresses/Joe, both of which are still running.

–Nicholas Gilewicz