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Press Like A River

Posted September 15th, 2010

The press continues to flow like a river, carving a path through the ancient Philadelphia landscape that from space, reads “Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe.” Ask any astronaut!

>>>Hey, it’s Feastival! Did you know that Feastival will be awesome? Michael Klein tells you how over at the Inky.

>>>For those who can’t hit Feastival, either for financial reasons (or because it’s sold out&mdashfeel free to vary your excuses, depending on your conversant, like I do), come to Late Nite Cabaret at the Festival Bar tonight. Johnny “Cocaine Sandwich” Showcase (there’s other songs, but that’s been my fave so far) and the Lefty Lucy Cabaret, among others, are taking the stage as a part of the new reconnection between the Late Nite Cabaret and Live Arts/Fringe. Nice story in Philadelphia Weekly today on the history and the profound influence the cabaret’s had on this city’s performance landscape. Also, party forever! Or at least through Sunday morning.

>>>Also at the Inquirer, Merilyn Jackson shows some love for Cedric Andrieux: “His daringly introspective and self-deprecating monologue dissects his emotional backpack as if it were a frog in biology class. Yet it is so soft-spoken and filled with bon mots, you leave hungry for more.” Two shows left, tonight and tomorrow!

>>>At Phawker, Dave Allen reviews the Bang on Can Marathon: “A ten-hour long concert, though, was a new experience for me and, thanks to the New York-based composer-performer collective Bang on a Can and their first-ever Philadelphia Marathon, held Sunday at World Café Life, not one I’ll soon forget. The day belonged to groove – percussion-driven ones in particular – but the most thrilling moments came when steady beats skipped and patterns were thrown for a loop. Throughout the day, the moment everything threatened to come apart was the moment it came together.”

–Nicholas Gilewicz