Go Deeper

So, uh, like what do you guys do now that the Festival is over?

Posted October 6th, 2010

Short answer: Get ready for next year.

Extended answer: First, we sleep. Then, catch up on laundry. After those basic necessities are taken care of there is an incredible amount of calculation, clean-up, and analysis that must take place. Not only are we shutting down the Box Office, but we are cleaning the Festival Bar. We are tracking down sandwich boards, reconciling ticket sale reports (basically who bought and owes who what). We are researching trends in audience attendance, survey results, and basically trying to figure out how to serve our audiences better next year. We are sending Thank You notes.

We are applying for grants to bring you the same quality programming you have come to expect from the Live Arts Festival. We are redesigning, revamping, and renovating, and we want to hear from you. We are inventory-ing, innovating, and initiating new moves in the city and in our organization.

We are picking pumpkins and we are kicking off an exciting new season of Second Thursday Series events and Live Arts Brewery Fellowships, and we want to see you there. We are blogging about what we are doing, and we are wondering…

…so, uh, like what are you doing now that the Festival is over?