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Posted November 4th, 2010

As one of the members of the Festival staff that is frequently out and about in the community, I often hear amazing stories from our audiences, supporters, and artists. While I always share these with the folks back at Festival-central, I’ve often wondered what else could be done with them. Ah, yes! Of course it would be the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance that would have an answer.

In a new initiative, entitled “Arts & Culture. It’s How We GROW™,” the Cultural Alliance has created a home for Philadelphia’s arts and culture stories.

No one else has a story like yours – a story about how arts and creativity has not only transformed your life but made this community all the better for it. Can you share that story? Whether you are a performer, a writer, an avid fan, or someone behind the scenes, your story is important. With that story, and the data the Cultural Alliance collects from the arts community, they’ll have compelling proof on the arts ability to grow communities, elevate individuals, and drive economic power.
Please CLICK HERE to tell us your story.