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Live Arts presents LAB Test shows (and they’re free!)

Posted March 4th, 2011

LAB Test

Geoff Sobelle (all wear bowlers, Amnesia Curiosa) and Thaddeus Phillips (¡EL CONQUISTADOR!, Flamingo/Winnebago), are both long-time Live Arts Festival participants based in Philadelphia. They’re both working on shows that are slated to premiere at the 2011 Live Arts Festival in September. And they’re doing so diligently in the LAB at the Live Arts Studio as the first two Production Residency artists.

As Geoff and Thaddeus move their works-in-progress from the studio toward full-scale Live Arts Festival productions, they want YOUR help to complete the work. At the free LAB Test series, audiences have the uncommon opportunity to play a direct role in the creative development of new works, before their debut in the Live Arts Festival. Participants will see the artists’ works as they begin to come together with lighting, set pieces, sound, video, and other production elements and can offer feedback and ask questions in post-showing discussions.

The showings are free and open to the public by advance reservation at, by phone at 215-413-9006, or at the door on a first-come, first-serve basis. Complimentary beer and snacks are provided. LAB Test showings take place at the Live Arts Studio at 919 N 5th St in Northern Liberties.

“It is our hope that by providing support during this crucial stage of creative development, we can elevate the quality of Festival presentations by local presenting artists,” said Nick Stuccio, Producing Director, Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe. “Geoff Sobelle and Thaddeus Phillips were chosen for Production Residencies based on their continued artistic excellence and maturity. The Live Arts Festival feels a commitment to assisting these two artists, along with their respective collaborators, in further developing the work they began as LAB Fellows in 2010.”

The Production Residency program was designed to offer support and resources for the intermediary stage of creative development. Live Arts Brewery Director, Craig Peterson explains, “Often in the trajectory of an artist’s project, there are resources available for presentation and production costs, but support for the long-term creative process and incubation of work continues to be vastly under-resourced. Our Production Residencies represent a comprehensive investment in all phases of the artistic process, combined with affordable or free access to rehearsal and studio space. Without this, Philadelphia artists will remain under-resourced in our community and under-represented in the field of contemporary performing arts at large.”

Elephant Room
Saturday, March 5 at 7:30pm: Chapter 1
Saturday, March 12 at 7:30pm: Chapter 2
Saturday, March 19 at 7:30pm: Chapters 1, 2, and 3

“Hello. Room service. Was someone looking for a minor miracle? It’s on its way… c/o Elephant Room.” Illusionists Dennis Diamond, Louie Magic and Daryl Hannah invite audiences into a most secret society. A realm where mind and sense part ways. A trio of illusionists will entertain, distract, confuse, confound, amaze and mystify. This is Elephant Room.

Directed by Paul Lazar and written by Steve Cuiffo, Trey Lyford, and Geoff Sobelle (previous Live Arts Festival shows: all wear bowlers, Amnesia Curiosa), Elephant Room stars Dennis Diamond, Louie Magic and Darryl Hannah.

Monday, April 11 at 7pm: Chapter 1
Monday, April 18 at 7pm: Chapter 2
Saturday, April 23 at 2pm: Chapters 1, 2, and 3

WHaLE OPTICS is a new scientific/theatrical epic that explores world-wide communication systems, sub-oceanic fiber optics and humpback whale songs. The production, which begins at a Venice Beach record shop, will feature cinematic score, an epic homage to exploration, adventure, and the ultimate question.

Directed and designed by Thaddeus Phillips (previous Live Arts Festival shows: ¡EL CONQUISTADOR!, Flamingo/Winnebago); created by Brian Osborne, Makoto Hirano, Lee Ann Etzold, James ljames, Emily Letts, with Tatiana Mallarino and Christina Zani, original score by Juan Gabriel Turbay. Visit to learn more.

Live Arts Studio
919 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Free onsite parking + abundant neighborhood street parking
Info: (215) 413-9006,

Reserve your seats in advance here or call (215) 413-9006

– Dan Comly