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The Nineteen Basic Effects of Magic

Posted March 9th, 2011

The Nineteen Basic Effects of Magic as taught to Dennis Diamond, Louie Magic and Daryl Hannah by The Trick Brain and explored inside of Elephant Room.

1. Production – something is caused to come into view without apparent clue as to the source.
2. Vanish – the causing of something to pass from sight by apparently unnatural means.

3. Transposition – invisible change in location of a person or an object from one place to another.
4. Transformation – a person or an object changes identity, color, size, shape, character, etc.
5. Penetration – the solid matter of one person or object or thing penetrates the solid matter of another person, object or thing.

6. Restoration – the subject of the effect is wholly or partially destroyed and subsequently restored to its original condition.
7. Animation – an inanimate object is mysteriously endowed with movement.
8. Anti-Gravity – the person or thing reacts contrary to the laws of gravity.

9. Attraction – through some mysterious power the magician becomes endowed with a power resembling magnetism.
10. Sympathetic Reaction – a reaction of two or more persons or objects showing sympathetic accord in harmony one with the other.
11. Invulnerability – demonstrations of resistance or proof against injury.
12. Physical Anomaly – exceptions or contradictions to normal physical rules or reactions.
13. Spectator Failure – where a spectator is unable to accomplish some apparently simple objective, implying the intervention of a mysterious power.
14. Control – where the mind of the performer seems to dominate a subject that is animate or inanimate.
15. Identification – the discovery of an identity.
16. Thought Reading – the performer apparently reads the thought of another.
17. Thought Transmission – the projection of thought from one person to another.
18. Prediction – the future is foretold.
19. Extra-Sensory Perception – all types of abnormal perception other than through mental communication.