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Bethany Formica and Jebney Lewis have a Blind Date

Posted April 14th, 2011

Philadelphia favorites Bethany Formica and Jebney Lewis take on the theme of freedom of expression through Blind Date, an original dance and movement piece. Bethany describes it: as “a sweet little piece about two unlikely people meeting for the first time.” She also told us that it’s family friendly. (But what’s that say about how the date turns out?)

Called “a flower-tossing, cartwheeling wild child” by The New York Times, Bethany Formica has appeared in numerous Live Arts shows including 2010’s Decadere and 2009’s Kill Me Now. Check out our previous, in-depth profile of Bethany here.

Blind Date
Spring Fling hosted by the National Constitution Center in conjunction with PIFA
525 Arch St. on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall, PA, Sat. April 16, 10am & 2pm
$12 for tickets, senior/student discounts available, HERE

Photo by Melissa J. Hays