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Philly Fringe Haiku: “Beautiful Zion: A Book of the Dead”

Posted June 30th, 2011

Playwright Jeffrey Stanley writes in with this haiku about his 2011 Philly Fringe show, Beautiful Zion: A Book of the Dead.

homemade ouija boards
work well but store-bought is more
convenient onstage

In my favorite CCD class growing up, our instructor totally had us make a ouija board out of a pizza box and play with it in class. I can’t remember what the point was, but we had to promise not to tell anybody. See what this show is making me confess?!

Jeffrey promises multiple endings, ghost visitations, audience invovlement in his occultish activity, and the secret to human happiness. I think the secret is Michter’s bourbon, but I can only confirm that with a visit to Jeffrey’s one-man show at West Philly’s Community Education Center, in the Blue Grotto room. If the secret’s not Michter’s, my weltanshauung will be upset.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Jeffrey’s Beautiful Zion: A Book of the Dead runs for eight performances from September 7 to September 17 at the Community Education Center, 35th and Lancaster, West Philadelphia. 8:00 pm, $20. Tickets on sale soon!