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Join the Heat is Too Damn Hot Party

Posted July 20th, 2011

The thermometer says that it’s only 89 degrees outside, but it feels as if my sins—the most recent of which is murdering that lying thermometer—have finally caught up with me. Slowed by the heat, I believe that cold beers are an excellent solution. Some options for this evening:

>>>Bring cold ones to Shakespeare in Clark Park: With intrepid intern Logan Tiberi-Warner working behind the scenes and Alex Torra at the helm (stay tuned for an interview with Alex tomorrow), this year’s production, Much Ado About Nothing, kicks off tonight at 7:00 pm in Clark Park at 43rd and Chester. Runs through Sunday.

>>>Bring cold ones home, and watch America’s Got Talent tonight at 9:00 pm on NBC10, and catch a performance from Traces to get you amped for the Live Arts production in September.

>>>Find cold ones at an over-air-conditioned pub. Contemplate London’s pub theater scene, and then ask yourself, where have I seen such shows? Quig’s? Fergie’s? I liked Applied Mechanics‘s 2010 Philly Fringe production It’s Hard Times at the Camera Blanca at Murph’s Bar in Fishtown. What other bars have hosted performances lately? Lemme know, and maybe we’ll do a story on our pub scene. Now, it’s time to get the best of beer.

–Nicholas Gilewicz