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Hey, Who Are You? Christina Snyder Edition

Posted August 31st, 2011

You’ll see these folks flitting around the festivals, doing some of our heaviest lifting while we kick back with merely heavy lifting. Today, meet one of our intrepid blog contributors.

Christina Snyder graduated from the University of South Carolina in May, took a whirlwind trip to Europe, and then moved to Philadelphia in June. Luckily, she found the Live Arts and Philly Fringe blog as a great way to get acquainted with the city. Christina is currently working on a collection of short stories. She is a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan and also enjoys watching her super cool roommate’s improv shows. Christina hopes to someday publish her writing, and perhaps she’ll go to grad school in the meantime. She would like to thank Nick and the rest of the staff for allowing her to write for the blog this summer!

Thanks to you for helping out!

–Nicholas Gilewicz