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A Festival to Remember: Winners of the 2011 Festival Photo Contest!

Posted October 24th, 2011

Like Christmas, the Festival comes but once a year. Yet, like with the gifts under the tree, we reap its benefits all year long. First and foremost, there is the ever popular game of, “Do You Remember That One Show Where Someone….” This is a popular game because of its adaptable playing rules. You can have as many participants as you like, you can have seen one show or fifty. However, there is one hitch. What happens when you can’t remember the answer to what someone did in the show in question?

You have a few options here:

  1. Dig through the bottom of your bag. Perhaps the ticket stub is still floating around down there amidst some pennies, a gum wrapper, and that lip gloss you can never find. If you see the name of the show, surely that will jog your memory.
  2. Look amidst the (small) pile of papers on your desk to where you put the previous year’s Festival Guide. You’ve been saving this to cut out pictures for a collage you’re making.
  3. Google. Get distracted by YouTube. Watch so many music videos, you begin to consider a 2nd career as a back-up dancer.
  4. Joyfully travel down memory lane on a guided tour presented by The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe and the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance’s photo contest results!

Yes, you can see the winning photos below! Use these awesome images to help you remember why you love the Festival. Have other photos you think capture great moments in the Festival and its history? Upload them to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to tell us where, when, etc, and how to find you if we want to ask you more questions about them!


1st place: Kate Raines. 84 votes for her photo of Mark Kennedy in Checkers.

Plate 3 /

From the photographer:

“I appreciate this competition because I think its a great way to connect different artistic communities, and it encourages the blending of disciplines, while being a great and much-needed publicity stunt for all involved. I think we could use more cross-discipline-collaboration within our community, as well as more communication about what each other is doing.

I like the photo because I think it makes visible the inner psyche of the main character, and visually documents the major conflict of the play: the character’s struggle against his own fears, insecurities, and failing mental stability; which is all symptomatic of the social and economic pressures he lives under. Checkers is losing his mind, and is trapped. I think the distortion in the photo, as well as the darkness of it, reflects that.”-Kate Raines



2nd place: Clayton A. Sweeney, Jr. 20 votes for his photo at the Festival Bar/Late Night Cabaret.









From the photographer:

“This is an image of one of the guitarists from The Lightninging. It was shot at the Late Nite Cabaret at Underground Arts at the Wolf Building. The shot was one of over 950 images from the Late Nite Cabaret and the Festival Bar that I posted on the Intersections Gallery Facebook page and reposted on the Live Arts Facebook page. I took pictures on 15 of the 16 nights of the festival. It was well worth getting The Cold by the 14th night.

I like how minimalist this image is. Taking this picture was almost like painting with light.

I remember being quite excited when the lighting changed to what you see while I was in the right position to capture the image. The moment was fleeting, and the dynamics of the lighting and the music changed quickly thereafter. It was very satisfying to freeze this moment in time.” -Clayton A. Sweeney, Jr.

3rd place: Erin Read. 5 votes for her photo at the Box Office.





Oh, and where did the idea for this contest originate?

Let’s ask Anthony Tanzi, our dear friend and one of the architects of this project.
“Well, the idea for the contest came from a joint meeting between The Cultural Alliance and Live Arts/Fringe. The idea was to put on a contest that would not only increase spectator participation and engagement in the festival, but would also serve as a promotional vehicle for the performing artists. All the photos we received were creative which was what we were hoping for.”- Anthony Tanzi, GPCA

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! It is really special to see the Festival through your eyes!
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