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Artists & Their Coffee: Mimi Lien

Posted March 29th, 2012

Name: Mimi Lien

Company: Pig Iron Theatre Co.

Artistic occupation: Set designer

First experience with coffee that made you understand coffee: Tamping the espresso at the coffee shop I worked at through college. [Ed note: definition here.]

Coffee you drink at home: Dark roast from various beaneries, including Gorilla Coffee, La Colombe, MUD.

How  you like your coffee: With a good shot of half and half, no sugar.

Average no. of cups per day: 3.

Fave coffee shop: The Last Drop.

Fave fancy coffee drink: A macchiato is about as fancy as I get.

What’s the most inappropriate thing a barista has ever said to you? N/A. [Ed. note: either she’s not sharing or she’s so lucky!]

Enough about coffee, what are you doing now? All Hands, a Hoi Polloi performance about a secret society, at Incubator Arts Project; just remounted Elephant Room at St. Ann’s Warehouse in NYC; about to do a one-woman song cycle, Penelope, at PlayMakers Repertory.