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Artists & Their Coffee: Olive Prince

Posted April 5th, 2012

Olive Prince has a coffee experience.

Name: Olive Prince

Company: Olive Prince Dance

Artistic occupation: Dance educator at Drexel University

First experience with coffee that made you understand coffee: I was in Taiwan on tour and went to a specialty coffee place. It was like a wine bar for coffee and revolutionized my understanding of coffee. The detail was remarkable. And then I sat in the sun and simply enjoyed the experience with friends. That’s a good cup o joe—it’s about taking the time to actually enjoy the process of making and the people you share it with. Yum!

Coffee you drink at home: La Colombe in a French press.

How  you like your coffee: With just a wee bit of steamed soy milk on top.

Average no. of cups per day: 3.

Fave coffee shop: Chapterhouse in Bella Vista (620 South 9th Street)—sitting there right now.

Fave fancy coffee drink: I keep it simple. Straight up, really good drip coffee.

Enough about coffee, what are you doing now? I’m in the planning process for two new projects. I’m collaborating with Scott McPhetters and Jennifer Rose to create a work that deals with the dream of stardom, fame, and glory in performance. We are investigating how the dark and light of an acclaimed persona gets extrapolated, twisted, and showcased through highly physical dance, a microphone, and a catwalk. I’m also working on a new piece called Of Glass which will be developed in conjunction with Summer Yates. She is a visual artist whose mirrored mobiles will be scattered throughout the space. The piece is an exploration of fragile illusions. And I finally finished my website: