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Posted September 7th, 2012

I guess we’re kind of like a big deal! You probably shouldn’t play this too loud if you’re at work (unless your workplace is awesome), but you definitely should read the articles after the jump, which number approximately the same as the shell casings in this Clipse video.

>>>At the Inquirer, Howie Shapiro writes about quite how naked we are this year. So does Emily Guendelsberger over at City Paper. And so will Audrey in this space next week, stay tuned!

>>>Ellen Dunkel writes an awesome feature on Le Grand Continental for the Inquirer.

>>>City Paper staffers run down 22 shows they recommend this year, and Michael Alan Goldberg interviews Bruce Walsh about Chomsky vs. Buckley 1969.

>>>So does Monica Weymouth over at Metro. Then Bruce interviews Whit McLaughlin about 27, also at Metro.

>>>KYW interviews El Jefe Nick Stuccio. Audio embedded here.

>>>At Philadelphia magazine, Victor Fiorillo picks 10 artists to watch at the 2012 Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe.

>>>At Newsworks, Peter Crimmins digs on the work coming from students at the Pig Iron School.

>>>Also at Newsworks, Robin Bloom plugs Barbie Blended, which already opened!

>>>J. Cooper Robb picks his five can’t-miss shows at Philadelphia Weekly.

>>>At PlanPhilly (hi guys!), Ashley Hahn picks six shows that “appeal to the urbanist” in her.

>>>Nathaniel Popkin has a nice interview with Andrew Simonet about This Town is a Mystery for Hidden City Philadelphia.

>>>uwishunu offers a very handy beginner’s guide to Live Arts and Fringe.

>>>The Temple News weighs in with some picks as well, and a nice feature on 27.

–Nicholas Gilewicz