Go Deeper Weekender-ish (May 23-27)

Weekender-ish (May 23-27)

Posted May 23rd, 2013

Is Thursday the weekend? Sure, especially when there’s things like Hidden City Festival, and a few not-to-miss musical talents are playing a spectacular show tonight.

Japanese Man, AKA Skye from Fleet Foxes, is playing tonight at PhilaMoca, 12th and Spring Garden Streets. His sound is ambient and ethereal, and if that’s too non-descript, can be summed up in two words: space magnets. Playing alongside is Air is Human, a Tortoise-like outfit and Nick Millevoi, a virtuoso guitar player in the local Philly sound scene.

Hidden City Festival makes a beautiful use of vacant yet charged cityscapes. Ranging from abandoned swimming pools to century-old synagogues, artists by the likes of Dufala Brothers, Ruth Scott Blackson, and the Ars Nova Workshop reanimate these historical institutions and landmarks to cosmic effect. While events are going on today and Friday, Saturday night kicks off the festival with a block party at 12th and Wood Streets, from 7pm to 11pm.

FortMifflinweb_2_Peter Woodall

Raunchy and hilarious Greek theater beats the Jersey Shore any day, or at least matches it somehow. Aristophane’s tale of the war of the sexes, classic comedy Lysistrata, is given a contemporary spin at the Walnut Street Theater by way of the Simpatico Theater Project. Catch the play this weekend between rainy beach trips, or skip the sand altogether and engage in some of the vibrant accompanying discussions on sex, gender roles, and sex.