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Post Performance Footage, Photo, and Commentary on Branch Dancing at the Barnes

Posted June 24th, 2013
branch dance photo

Photo Credit: Lindsay Browning

Merian Soto’s Branch Dance at the Barnes on June 12 was a beautiful and sensual performance!

Here’s a video clip I took:

Soto added some post-performance commentary:

“I wanted to clarify something about the difference between the Barnes and the barrio. I say the Barnes is easy but that’s mostly because they don’t allow me to do much. It’s hard in the barrio–resources are limited, conditions are rough. And yet, the community is welcoming. They say yes to everything, one can let the imagination fly.  The results are unpredictable and full of surprises.

“At the Barnes, resources are abundant, the architecture and landscaping are inviting. But the institution is not, its completely exclusive, restricting creativity within its own parameters. Their abundant resources are stringently controlled. The imagination must operate within their rules.

“The bare bones version at the Barnes was beautiful, but it was a mere abstraction of the original work. Imagine how it would have been with projections and the like! That said, I enjoyed presenting Branch Dances at the Barnes despite the rules and limits. Branch Dances are super adaptive and responsive to place. They are particularly suited for visual arts spaces. SoMoS, was in a sense an exhibition where audiences are free to move around and engage with the work at their pace. The performance at the Barnes was much the same. The dancers are visual artists creating kinetic sculptures.

“The performance was a great opportunity to share work with colleagues from across the country. In fact, I was presented by Dance USA, not the Barnes. Yay!”

–Monica Rocha