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Mike Daisey’s Crazy 29 Days of Monologues

Posted August 20th, 2013

Daisy MOON_POSTER_webWho says email marketing doesn’t work? Mike Daisy’s latest show, All the Faces of the Moon, certainly caught my attention in my in-box. In the span of 29 days (the cycle of the moon) at the Public Theater in New York City, he will be performing 29 monologues, all new, all connected into one epic theatrical tale–with, of course, the assurance that each monologue is a stand-alone work as well, and you needn’t have seen the previous ones in order to jump right into it (though such devotion is encouraged). Ever the master communicator, Mike even created his own Q&A with himself about the show. Here’s some tidbits.

Q: So—a 29-night monologue. What does that mean exactly?

A: It means that the show is 29 nights long, and each and every night is a completely new full-length show. And these stories are braided and woven together to create something completely new: a living theatrical novel set against a magical vision of New York City. At 44 hours long it is the largest story ever attempted in the American theater.

Q: Are you crazy?

A: Oh yes. Absolutely. If there was any doubt before, this should settle the matter.

Q: Why are there 29 monologues?

A: Because it is a complete lunar cycle, beginning on a new moon on September 5th and continuing each and every night at the Public until the following new moon on October 3rd. That’s why it is called All the Faces of the Moon. And there’s a painting for each performance.

You can read the full Q&A on his blog Each show will also be podcast, up by noon the day after the performance, for free. The paintings are by Larissa Tokmakova. There are various discounts (promo code: DAISY) and incentives to come to as many shows as you like. And if you can’t make it up to New York, make sure to check out the podcasts.

All the Faces of the Moon
Created and Performed by Mike Daisey
Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory
September 5-October 3, 2013
Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street , NY, NY 10003, 212.539.8500

Artist Larissa Tokmakova with a number of paintings.

Artist Larissa Tokmakova with a number of paintings.