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Where (Linda) Lives

Posted September 10th, 2013

Linda Dubin Garfield, a visual and installation artist, writes in with her depiction of “home.”

HomeLindaHouse_on_a_HillIn 2011, I did a Fringe Festival Mixed Media Memoir Installation with participatory workshops called A Place to Be with Susan Dipronio about home which included going to homeless shelters and having residents make portraits of what they thought of as home, write their ideas and talk about them in small groups. We did it a three different places. I have been going to one of them for years, starting in 2006 from a contact I made through my first installation.

This image, House on A Hill, expresses the fragile nature of how I see home now as opposed to how I saw it when I was young. Home is where my story starts and I felt safe as a child but now with huge fires, storms, tsunamis, divorce run wild, cancer at such early ages, home seems less safe and more precarious like teetering on a mountaintop. You hope you make it but you’re not sure you will.

Even if a bit bleak, I want to hear about where you live for the blog, and for our Facebook page. Send me a photo of your “home,” whatever that may mean to you, at NickG[at]FringeArts[dot]com. Brief stories or poems about the photo or your memories of “home” are welcome!

So Percussion’s Where (we) Live runs September 12, 13, and 14 at the Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street, Old City. All shows 9:00 pm, $20-$29.

–Nicholas Gilewicz