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You Can See The One, The Other One, & The Many

Posted June 3rd, 2015

Choreographer Katherine Stark  presents a work-in-progress showing of The One, The Other One, & The Many by her company The Naked Stark on June 3 at 6pm at Mascher Space Cooperative. Pay what you can! Suggested donation $10. We caught up with Katharine Stark for a couple questions about the new dance.

The OneFringeArts: Can you tell us what you’re showing?
Katharine Stark: This piece first began over the summer when I was watching Ender’s Game and became fascinated with both the obvious formula for the rise to leadership narrative and the movement of the camera around the main character.

This is an “in-progress” showing. What are you most interested in discovering?

Katharine Stark:
I’m at a pure research stage in my movement investigation; I’m staying away from developing a narrative or making any large structural choices. I’m sharing explorations in leading and following, using cinematic devices to create narratives/characters, and ways to create cinematic effects in movement. I’m curious to learn how the audience sees the material. Are the devices and effects we’re exploring readable?
The research for this project also includes interviews with people about their relationships with leaders and heroes and leadership and recognition both fictional and from actual experiences. The interviews along with audience participation–concerning leading and following experiences–at the showing, along with audience feedback, are part of shaping the next phase of the work.

: Can you give us a couple hints about the “cinematographic” approach to choreography?

Katharine Stark
: One of the effects we have been exploring in rehearsal is shifting back and forth between two locations/times/scenes etc. We created two duets to establish the two scenes; I broke them into three chunks and cut back and forth between the chunks through having the dancers pop in and out of the floor and in and out of a wall. The intent is a clear division between scenes and for the audience to be able to follow each scene even though they are broken up. We’ll see!

Thanks Katharine, looking forward to it!

The One, The Other One, & The Many
The Naked Stark
Wednesday June 3 at 6pm
Mascher Space Cooperative
155 Cecil B Moore (Kensington)