Go Deeper Fringe at 20: Linda Dubin Garfield

Fringe at 20: Linda Dubin Garfield

Posted June 1st, 2016

Name: Linda Dubin Garfield

Linda Dubin Garfield (left) with Susan DiPronio (right), 2011

Linda Dubin Garfield (left) with Susan DiPronio (right), 2011

Type of Artist: Printmaker, mixed media artist

Fringe shows I’ve participated in: This is my 11th Fringe show at the Book Trader, 7 North 2 Street. I do mixed media memoir workshops on various topics: Invisible/Invincible Women: Portraits and stories of women of a certain age (2006), We Are What We Carry (2007), The Right Foot: Shoe Portraits (2008), Crowing Glories: Hair Portraits and Stories (2009), Let’s Face It: Self Portraits and Life Stories (2010), Home: A Place to be (2011), A Place to Be with Susan DiPronio (2011), What Nurtures Us (2012), My Body- My Self- My Story (2013), Best Friends (2014), Family: Portraits and Stories (2015).

With each topic, I have hooked up with a non-profit to collect money at a pre-Fringe birthday party in May as well as donations at the Fringe and sales of my images, the non-profit is related to the topic. So, for instance, when we did hair portraits, I donated to Locks of Love, Home to homeless agencies, Family to Family Support Services, My Body- My Self- My Story to

House on a Hill

House on a Hill

2016 Fringe show I’m participating in: I am following the same format for this Fringe, doing it, however, with Susan DiPronio. Clothing: Stories from the Closet with proceeds and donations going to the New Day Drop In Center in Kensington for victims of human trafficking who often need clothing: socks, underwear, hoodies, etc.

First Fringe I attended: A friend took me to the Fringe in 2005 and I was astounded. We saw street art and performance, several great performances, and it was all in Old City. I knew I wanted to be part of it and went down to Old City looking for a venue with the window I wanted. Luckily, Peter Hiler from The Book Trader said okay I could do it there!!

First Fringe I participated in: 2006. Invisible/Invincible Women: Portraits and stories of women of a certain age. I loved the power of art to help create a comfortable space where people from all walks of life, who would normally never cross paths, came to the table and, while cutting, pasting and creating, shared their stories at a very deep level.

The Fringiest show, venue, action, or moment I ever experienced: I loved Jérôme Bel’s performance when the dancers looked to the audience and became the audience as people got up and moved!

A Fishy Story

A Fishy Story

An artist I have met or was exposed to in the Fringe who I went on to collaborate with: Susan DiPronio was doing a performance piece around the corner from me, but I did not know about it. A participant at my workshop said there is a show related to yours- women without a voice- so I looked her up in the Fringe booklet and contacted her. We decided to collaborate and had a show in Ardmore in May 2007. We received a Leeway Grant for it.

Fringe notes: I love combining my art and my skills as a counselor from my previous life, before I became a full-time artist. Having people talk and share while doing art creates community—similarities, not differences are what really matters. People share and realize how much they have in common!