Go Deeper Fringe at 20 Profile: Todd Cardin

Fringe at 20 Profile: Todd Cardin

Posted June 17th, 2016

Name: Todd Cardintodd cardin headshot

Type of Artist: Writer, actor.

Company: ETC Theater

Fringe shows I’ve participated in: 1WG (2005), Dramamine High (2007), Like, So Totally 80’s (2008), Destination Summer (2009), The Angel, The Devil and Greg Brady (2010), Getting The Knack (2011), The Has Beens (2013), By The Slice (2013), # (2014), Man on The Moon (2015).

2016 Fringe show I’m participating in: I haven’t written it yet. I better get cracking.

First Fringe I attended: Jerry Perna did a one man show at the Shubin in 2005.  The title escapes me, but it was brilliant.

First show I produced/created at the Fringe: For our first show, we did 1WG, a one woman musical based on the life of Melissa Gilbert.  We were served papers from her legal team, forcing us to alter the show.

The Fringiest show, venue, action, or moment I ever experienced: Dirty Diamond at the Triangle Theatre . . . Genius.etc theater

Artists I have met or was exposed to in the Fringe who I went on to collaborate with: Denise Shubin, Bill McKinlay and Katherine Filer.

The craziest idea for a Fringe show I wish I had done or to one day do: I’d like to do a show about a very untalented theater company from the suburbs who gets regularly skewered by The City Paper every year at The Fringe.  But, 10 years later, they’re still doing the Fringe and the City Paper is no more.