Go Deeper Le Grand Continental Ansan, South Korea, 2015 © Ansan Street Arts Festival

You can be Le Super Grand

Posted May 21st, 2018

Do you want to be a part of a grand Fringe Festival show? Here’s your chance. Audition next month to participate in Le Super Grand Continental, one of the world’s most infectious art events.

Le Grand Continental® Philadelphia Museum of Art Plaza, Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Photo by Sylvain Émard Danse

The 2012 Fringe Festival kicked off with a large scale performance unlike anything Philadelphia had seen before. One hundred and fifty volunteer dancers of all ages and backgrounds assembled at the iconic Philadelphia Art Museum steps and twirled into a rhythmic human kaleidoscope of celebratory dance. Le Grand Continental was a joyous and intoxicating spectacle, one that united people from across Philadelphia’s diverse communities and was praised by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “fantastic… it left the audience cheering for more.”

Since then Le Grand Continental has travelled across the globe, gathering together hundreds of dance enthusiasts to perform its sensational choreography, which combines festive line dancing with the fluidity and expressiveness of contemporary dance.

“In every city the reaction is the same,” says Montreal’s Sylvain Émard, the mastermind behind this acclaimed work. “No matter the culture, the participants experience the same excitement and emotions. Same for the audiences. There is an obvious sense of pride to achieve such a challenge. It also allows the people to somehow reconnect with the city they live in.”

This year, the Fringe Festival will be ushered in once again Sept 8 & 9, 2018, with Émard’s unifying work, but with one key difference. As the title Le Super Grand Continental suggests, this time around Émard and his team are doing it bigger and are looking to gather 200 dancers to realize this remarkable performance, which features whole-new choreography.

Rehearsals for Le Super Méga Continental, Montreal, 2017. © Nathalie Choquette

Rehearsals for Le Super Méga Continental, Montreal, 2017. © Nathalie Choquette

“The energy that one feels when dancing in the show is amazing,” says Émard. “You experience something so much bigger than you and you feel supported by it. Sharing the joy of dancing with so many people is something very special.”

Don’t worry if you’re not the most experience or skilled dancer. “I am not necessarily looking only for very good dancers,” Émard tells FringeArts. “I am looking for people who love to dance and are willing to commit to an 11 weeks project [rehearsal dates are June 25 – Sept 7].  Someone that struggles to get the steps but really works hard and finally gets it is fantastic to watch.”

Could that be you?

Audition Dates:
Wed, Jun 6 from 6-8pm
Thu, Jun 7 from 6-8pm
Fri, Jun 8 from 6-8pm
Sat, Jun 9 from 11am-1pm
Sat, Jun 9 from 2-4pm
Sat, Jun 9 from 5-7pm

All auditions held at FringeArts
140 N. Columbus Blvd.

Rehearsal Period: June 25 – Sept 7
Performances: Sept 8 & 9

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What is it like to dance in Le Super Grand Continental? Read about it from the perspective of a dancer in Le Super Méga Continental, presented in Montreal in 2017.

Christopher Munden

Feature image of rehearsals for Le Grand Continental Ansan, South Korea, 2015, © Ansan Street Arts Festival.