Go Deeper What Fringe Artists Think You Should See

What Fringe Artists Think You Should See

Posted September 7th, 2018

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been asking select Fringe artists for their picks of shows to see in the 2018 Fringe Festival (they weren’t allowed to pick their own show!). Here’s the work they recommend:

Lary Moten (Day of Absence)
“James Ijames’s Kill Move Paradise is a must-see for me.  And Kaleidoscope’s For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf i am very curious about what their take will be on this classic.  Simpatico’s 4Solo looks interesting.  And of course Iron Age Theatre’s August in the City.”

Bastion Carboni (A Vacation)
“I’m super-about Kill Move Paradise and Simpatico’s 4Solo. Songs For Monsters is gonna be a kick in the dick also.”

Ants on a Log (Music for Children and Other Curious People)
“We  can’t wait to see our friend and creative-consultant Emily Schuman in Bon Iver Fights a Bear!”

Randi Alexis Hickey (The Buried Life)
“On the Rocks’ WOLFCRUSH of course. Close Your Legs, Honey. White Feminist by Lee Minora. Phaedra’s Love by Svaha Theatre Collective! There are so many more I could list! It’s why I love Fringe—I’m so excited by so much of the work going up during in just the span of a month.”

Ben Grinberg (Jeanne/Jean/John/Jawn)
“In terms of Curated Fringe, I’m most interested to see
The undergird, which is bound to be one of the most deeply researched and moving things in the Festival. But the independent shows are where it’s at this year —to name just a few, I’m really hoping to see feral girl wild child, Metal & Kind’s Indestructible Flowers, Skills and Scars (that one’s happening in my house!) and Bon Iver Fights A Bear (because Emily Schuman is a goddess).”

Terry Brennan (Fly Eagles Fly)
“I’m really psyched to see
Brian Sanders’ JUNK, “UNHINGED”, Almanac, Planet B, and Kyle Driggs (The Graveyard Slot and Same Picture Different Poses).”

Bobbi Block (FEEL)
“I’m looking forward to Le Super Grand Continental… Because I’m in it! I had such a great time when I danced in Le Grand Continental in 2012, that I rearranged T&G’s rehearsal schedule just so I could participate in LSGC this year!”

Mark “Metal” Wong (Metal & Kind’s Indestructible Flowers)
“I’m really looking forward to J/J/J/J by Almanac Dance Circus Theater! They always make something great.”

J Hernandez (Simpatico Theatre Projectx: 4Solo)
Svaha Theatre Collective’s production of Sarah Kane’s Phaedra’s Love should be pretty sweet.”

Nick Schwasman and Nate Barnett (Shelter)
“Almanac’s Jeanne/Jean/John/Jawn; the Crossing’s Of Arms and the Man; Chris Davis’ The Presented; Irish Heritage Theatre’s Lay Me Down Softly; Renegade Company’s (Kensington) Streetplay; the work of local Philly artists we respect.”

Darcy Lyons (Proceed with Caution)
“The undergird
by Meg Foley, manger by Boris Charmatz, Variations on Themes from Lost and Found and other works by John Bernd by Miguel Gutierrez and Ishmael Houston-Jones, The Museum Workout by Monica Bill Barnes, feral wild girl child by Magda, Metal & Kinds Indestructible Flowers by Lily Kind and Mark “Metal” Wong,  and The Graveyard Slot by 3AM Theatre.”

Meg Rumsey-Lasersohn (Troilus and Cressida)
A New Kind of Whole, by Paige Zubel, directed by Claris Park. They are a dynamic duo, and the only reason I didn’t beg to do that show was because of this one! White Feminist, by Lee Minora. She’s one of the best performers in Philadelphia, in my opinion. Also, Chris Davis. Literally just anything Chris does.”

Lily Kind (Metal & Kind’s Indestructible Flowers)
“I’m going to check out For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf by Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective. I’m trying to learn more about the writers Ntozake Shange’s work in general. In 2010 in Baltimore, playwright Savannah Reich played Johnny/Patrick Swayze in Effervescent Collective’s version of Dirty Dancing. I haven’t seen anything she’s made since, then so I’m stoked about her play Pestilence: WOW! I’m curious about Kensington (Streetplay) by Renegade Theater Company. Shout out also to Magda’s show Feral Wild Girl Child. You can count on Magda as a performer to go all in. And I’m glad to see Miguel & Ishmael H.J.‘s work in the curated Fringe this year. It’s fucked up to think about what the dance scene of today would look like if it wasn’t for the structurally racism that allowed AIDS and HIV to erase so many voices of the post-Judson years.”

Nick Gillette (Jeanne/Jean/John/Jawn)
The Accountant is my speed. Fred Brown’s solo show (a PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION…) sounds too intriguing to miss. There’s just so much!”

Meredith Rosenthal (In the Forest)
“I am definitely going to see the Circa show Humans. That show looks like it’s going to be crazy, and I’m always looking for circus inspiration. Le Super Grand Continental sounds great too: a performance meets dance party!”

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