Philadelphia Artists. World Premieres.
March 1–June 8, 2019

Launched in spring 2019, FringeArts presents a series of world premieres from some of Philadelphia’s leading performers in a new festival titled High Pressure Fire Service. The lineup in 2019 addressed issues of representation, gender, accessibility, reproductive justice, and more through devised theater, comedy, and participatory play, and these new productions embodied the vast range and exceptional talent of Philadelphia’s rich performing arts community. More information about HPFS 2020 will be available this fall!

High Pressure Fire Service (HPFS) takes its name from FringeArts’ historic building, the first high pressure pump house in the country. Opened in 1903, the station pumped water from the Delaware River to fire hydrants across Philadelphia, connecting the city and helping it grow and thrive. This history of creativity and connectivity is at the very heart of the High Pressure Fire Service festival.

Support for High Pressure Fire Service has been provided by the Wyncote Foundation.

Read more about HPFS 2019 on the FringeArts Blog. You can check out our HPFS Splash series where our HPFS artists shared insights about their shows, local inspirations, and living in Philly. You can also learn more about the connections HPFS 2019 artists had in Who’s Who in High Pressure Fire Service, part one, and Who’s Who in High Pressure Fire Service, part two!

Support for HPFS

has been provided by the Wyncote Foundation

2019 Shows

Megan Bridge: Widening the Circle

A Movement Improvisation and Somatics Workshop

July 8, 2024


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