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Repping FringeArts: A Word with Ambassador Shoshana Lovett-Graff

Posted August 31st, 2019

The FringeArts Ambassador Program is a cohort of volunteers, artistic participants, long-time fans of FringeArts, and community stakeholders who work to connect new audiences with new works at FringeArts. We talked to a resident Ambassador, Shoshana Lovett-Graff, about her experiences with the program.

Shoshana Lovett-Graff headshot sitting by a windowFringeArts: How long have you been an Ambassador for FringeArts?

Shoshana Lovett-Graff: Since the program began in October 2018.

FringeArts: What do you like about FringeArts and the Fringe Festival?

Shoshana Lovett-Graff: I appreciate the opportunities that FringeArts and the Fringe Festival provide for new, forward-thinking artists and performers in and outside of Philly. The Fringe Festival offers a platform for work that pushes boundaries and breaks down conventions of what theater is, who makes theater, and who it’s intended for.

FringeArts: What do you like about being an Ambassador?

Shoshana Lovett-Graff: I am grateful to be able to share theater and performance with friends, neighbors, and strangers. I’ve provided tickets to coworkers, friends-of-friends, roommates, parents of neighbors, and more than one couple going on a first date. I love making connections between people and art, especially if they would not otherwise have access to it.

FringeArts: Do you have a favorite memory from your time as an Ambassador?

Shoshana Lovett-Graff: Dancing around and pretending to be seaweed during an early performance of A Hard Time, part of High Pressure Fire Service. My partner was mortified, and I loved every second.

FringeArts: What are you looking forward to this Fringe Festival?

Shoshana Lovett-Graff: The B-Side: “Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons,” A Record Album Interpretation looks absolutely compelling. I am also excited for Sprout! A Full Length Not-a-Ballet and the all-female production of Richard III put on by Hestia Theatre Company at Christ Church Burial Ground.


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